I’m going to dispense with a big preamble and just let her stylist’s Instagram post do the work. If the below doesn’t work, click through to view it on IG itself, because it’s fun to see a celeb find a way to WORK IT without having a red carpet:

I MEAN. Yes, also, I want to know where they are. I’m always pleased to spy on interiors. Is this her living room with Pacey? Is it a hotel? A rental? Does that couch even look good with that wallpaper? What does look good: Jodie, from head to toe. This entire Christopher John Rogers look is PERFECT on her, and getting to see her saunter toward us — making that rug her own runway — is such a treat. She carries this like it’s featherlight.

Here are some stills, which are also worth seeing, which I’ve also embedded below; the full view is the third one.


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I rather like the runway version of the outfit, but Jodie’s changes the bodice to that crisp red, and for me that’s even better. It’s crisp and fabulous, and creates that contrasting vibe with the fullness of the skirt. I’ve been binge-watching Top Chef lately and it reminds me of when they want a dish to do multiple things at once, and it does, and they talk about the way the flavors come together. This is perfectly seasoned and no one needs to pack their knives and go.