Few people are as chameleonic right now as Jodie. Maybe this is more glam than glam-rock, but that mullet was a Sunday surprise — it’s all giving me Bowie-with-a-twist. Apparently, Jodie is now filming a Star Wars series called The Acolyte, but her next big release is Murder Mystery 2, an Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston joint that’s a sequel to a movie I forgot they made. I love the idea of seeing her in some broad comedy, which I… ASSUME that is? But what I’m really hankering for is a Daisy Jones and the Six-style series about the rise of a pack of iconic supermodels, because she CLEARLY would have to be in that. I don’t necessarily need to see the mullet again, but just imagine her recreating all those 90s runways. And a takeoff of “Freedom 90″ by George Michael. I’m not even sure who they could cast opposite her, so maybe it’s just all of their stories rolled into one person. I’m workshopping it, Jodie. We’ll figure it out.

[Photo: Photo Image Press/Shutterstock]