May I confess something? I sort of love this time of year, which I privately think of as Chat Show Time — hardly any movies are coming out, so everyone is bringing their most well-considered daytime looks to the New York talk shows. It’s where everyone is bringing their Photocall Energy. And I love a giant-ass gown like everyone else, but am also always interested in what I’d call Reasonable Day Wear — and we’re getting ALL OF THAT NOW.  Like, this very charming jumpsuit — and I say that as someone who does not generally enjoy The Jumpsuit — and this very good red lip. (I would have gone for a colorful shoe, though.)

Fun fact: Jillian Bell here is promoting Brittany Runs a Marathon, and at one point, we had to give permission for GFY to be used in the film (she’s reading it in some scene). Did it end up in the final cut? I do not know! (For example, we got cut out of Young Adult; there was at some point a scene where Charlize was procrastinating by reading the site, and truly, procrastinating lady writers do compose a large-ish chunk of our readership. It also sort of amuses me that people think of us for Scenes Where An Otherwise Competent Smart Woman Just Cannot Get Off The Sofa To Deal. We’re here for you, ladies!) Regardless, this all feels very meta! Time is turning in on itself!

[Photos: ROGER WONG/]