The headline on this post honestly might say it all. Jessica Simpson benefited from the reality craze that Paris’s The Simple Life helped kick off, and Paris in turn tried her hand at a music career, but otherwise do the twain ever need meet? Obviously people can wear pink and not bring to mind Paris Hilton, and I’m sure that is not at all what Jessica MEANT to do, and yet something about this head-to-toe electric Barbie ensemble just reminds me of a time when I was in an airport Hudson News and two tweens saw Paris on the cover of a magazine and screamed and clapped and hyperventilated over it. Paris was INCREDIBLY FAMOUS and, inexplicably, aspirational to the same generation of people who watched Jessica do the whole “chicken of the sea” bit on Newlyweds. But Jessica also had an actual singing career and sits atop a billion-dollar fashion business (believe it; she was the first celeb clothing line to generate that much in sales), and is promoting a memoir that is supposedly pretty juicy; ergo, it’s a very weird choice to me to evoke another pop culture figure from her same era.

Also, what is the red tag on her bag? Is it an address label, or an actual sales tag that’s supposed to come off once the bag is no longer in the boutique? Do we think it’s annoying to wear real rose-colored glasses? And do I actually maybe like those pants? The answer to all of those things could be yes.

[Photo: Getty]