Sometimes, when I am working here, elbow-deep in the insane cray-craziness of celebrities and the ensembles they choose to put on their (generally exceptional) bods, I start to hear voices. Today, it’s Cary Elwes in his greatest role ever — you may know him as Farm Boy — and he’s looking at whatever this is that Jessica White has chose to wear and he’s saying, “Dear God, what is that thing?”

And by “that thing,” he means THAT THING SHE IS WEARING, and by “Dear God, what is [etc],” I like to think he’s wondering, as I am, LITERALLY, what it is. Because it looks like a blanket with sleeves but that doesn’t exist in non-Slanket format. Does it? Are we moving into a world where you can buy a mini-Skanket for a saucy/comfortable night out? If so, I might be moving to Mars. I hear the Rover is hilarious and needs the company.

[Photo: Getty]