This dress is Versace, and it’s AMAZING on her. And she looks RIDICULOUS wearing it in the middle of the day, when it’s FREEZING in London, and all the men at this photocall are wearing coats and boots. EVERYONE in this picture is making a face that says, “Um… is anyone gonna help Jennifer? This looks weird. Does this look weird? It does look weird. I feel bad. Should I give her my coat?” And J Law herself is just staring, cold, off into the distance, thinking about who she needs to yell at about this, and how she can do it without being too mean. (If you want to see that pic larger, just click on it.)

Leaving the optics of making her go to a photocall in a super sexy Versace evening gown — later, she put on sunglasses, which…?????? I don’t even know! Is that, like, acknowledging that you’re aware it’s daytime?? I have questions! — the frock itself is great:

London photocall for 'Red Sparrow'

She looks stellar in this and if she’d worn it on a red carpet, we’d all be screaming and clutching each other with joy. This is exactly how she ought to dress. But I honestly….I mean….her stylists are professionals. They did not read the schedule wrong. But this is SUCH an evening look that it’s honestly totally confusing. Is your jetlag THAT BAD? IT’S DAYTIME, YOU GUYS.

[Photo: JRP/WENN]