Other than this being her usual unimaginative color palette, I sort of enjoy this.

It’s straitjacket adjacent — like someone did Designer Asylum as a senior project — but it’s unusual, and particularly different for her. Which she needs becaue her head is stuck in a massive rut. Did someone once tell her never to wear red lipstick? Is there no crimson hue that works on her complexion? Is that even possible? Because when you’re not adding any OTHER spice, that’s a great way to cheat some. With that possible addition, I might have given her high scores for this outfit… if she’d also thought to clip off the stray threads hanging down and kissing her right shin. If you look closely, the entire hem is unfinished. What is wrong with people? This is not the outfit on which to go all derelicte and deconstructed. FINISH THINGS YOU START, PEOPLE. If I just stopped this post before I was done writing, you’d all

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