I can count on one hand the number of occasions where transparent dresses feel mildly at home — like, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show afterparty, for example. It doesn’t make them great, but there IS at least some semblance of context. And, I guess the debut of a Vegas revue based on your husband’s male-stripper movie would be another of those times when Sexy Cat’s Cradle is not entirely off the point. Of course, the fact that it’s not an attractive Sexy Cat’s Cradle is a whole different problem. It looks like she’s wearing the head and ears of an extremely sinister, art-deco bunny. Besides which, Jenna Dewan is one of those people who could ooze sexy without having to try even an eighth this hard. Maybe there’s something I’m overlooking. Maybe, for example, it’s an ode to G strings. Maybe if we were to walk up and pluck them, they would PLAY a G. Now THAT would be some top-notch planning.

[Photo: Getty]