If this post smacks of trying to stretch the AMAs content to last through as much of today as possible: Congratulations, you have won the prize of being able to see into my dented mind. It’s Thanksgiving week and I have two kids to amuse who have THE ENTIRE TIME off from school, so I’m grateful to spend less time than usual scavenging for material. And so! Into the Fugderdome we go: Two people enter — who would duet together on-stage later — with dresses that are not actually that similar other than bunchy designs; one will leave. Who will it be?

First up: Bebe Rexha, who is working an old-school Halsey aesthetic with the dark roots and red hair. Bebe’s shoes look wrong somehow, too big perhaps and also a weird color choice with this silvery gown — they aren’t quite flesh-tone and don’t quite contrast. Her nails look like tiny spikes she would use to pick up cubes of cheese or fancy olives at a cocktail party. And the Julien Macdonald dress gives off the vibe of one of those infinite gowns you can twist into seven different configurations, which she did while blindfolded.

2020 American Music Awards - Backstage

Whereas this looks like it was made from a heavy fisherman’s tarp, and hastily. I also don’t think the purple circulation-stifling string goes with the blue piping on the tarp dress. I wrote, “The whole thing feels like a mermaid washed ashore and spent a day watching only Vivienne Westwood shows before she decided she could craft her own,” and then I looked up the designer credit and it’s Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood, so… maybe that was HIS actual method?

If you HAD to wear one:

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