Allison Williams has been getting most of the really good clothes. Lena Dunham and Zosia Mamet just had solid rookie Fug Madness campaigns. But what of their missing co-star Jemima Kirke? Well, by virtue of the fact that she’s spent a lot of her nascent fame a) pregnant, b) post-partum, and therefore c) not caring about being seen, there hasn’t been much to see.

Dare I hope she’s ramping up for a go at Fug Madness 2014, so that she’s not left out of the fracas? I have no idea what’s happening here — it could be fine, it could be terrible — because the enormous, hilarious decorative throw she’s turned into a cardigan is dwarfing everything else. It’s magically cracklicious. I think we might be able to add Jemima to the growing list of celebs who are wearing things that will look AMAZING on them when they’re super dramatic seventy-year old crackpots who make deliberate enemies of all the other ladies at bingo.

[Photo: Getty]