Bless Fug Nation for alerting me to January Jones’s Instagram story — a person I thought I already followed, by the way — in which she demonstrated all the things she puts in her detox bath while wearing a glorious sparkly caftan-robe situation. I need it in my life. As a caftan, a blouse, whatever. It could just animate itself and follow me around the house. I’m fine with that.


It’s so good. I am highly covetous. I also wouldn’t mind a bathtub with a beautiful window getting a lot of good light, but let’s be real, I’d get caught out by a neighbor or something and never use it again.


This was actually a friendly hello wave, but frozen in time, it looks bananas. She’s a pretty amusing presence on Instagram, and now apparently also my patron saint of sparkles. THANK YOU JANUARY. I needed this, in part because I also cannot impulse-purchase it, so it is a financially safe piece of escapism. EDITED TO ADD: Shoot. A Fug National found it and I COULD impulse-purchase it… but I won’t, because it’s $650. But someone should.

[Pic: Her Instagram; we use affiliate links where possible]