If you’d run up to me, Billy on the Street-style, and yelled, “QUICK, WHAT’S JANELLE MONAE WEARING RIGHT NOW???” I’m sure I would stutter out something like, “I dunno, a black and white Thom Browne thing and a bag shaped like a dog?” And most of the time, I would be right! Not this weekend! This is sexy, and very out of her usual wheelhouse (although she did also go sexy at the NAACP Image awards) and definitely out of her usual black/white/red color palate. Change can be intoxicating, because she looks great.

Also present, and looking FANTASTIC, was Kerry Washington in vintage Marc Bouwer, previously worn by one Ms Whitney Houston (!!!!):

5th American Black Film Festival Honors, Arrivals, Los Angeles, California, USA - 05 Mar 2023

We’ve had convos here about whether or not Kerry’s stylist, Law Roach, does his best work for non-Zendaya customers when Zendaya is not having a busy weekend and he can therefore focus on folks other than his muse, and this look does support that theory. This is absolutely the best work Law Roach has done for Kerry in their partnership thus far and it might be one of the dishiest things she’s ever worn. WIN WIN EVERYONE!

[Photos: John Salangsang/Shutterstock]