I suppose you are all wondering why I’ve gathered you here today. It’s simple, friends: I need someone to begin work on a new nighttime soap opera project for Jada Pinkett Smith immediately. I’m thinking Sexy Owner of a Global Makeup Empire, I’m thinking Fancy Lady Editor-in-Chief of a Magazine That’s Obviously Meant to Be Vogue, I’m thinking The Woman Who Took Over Olivia Pope’s Job As a Fixer When Olivia Got Too Busy Fighting B-316 And Didn’t Have Time For Everyone’s PR Emergencies. I’m seeing glamorous sets where she has a lot of fur throws, and a parade of shirtless love interests who are diverting but also kinda dumb. I’m thinking a truly massive line-item in the budget for wardrobe and at least one episode where Jada is wrongly imprisoned but she looks amazing in her bespoke jumpsuit (and even more amazing when she breaks out and ruins the rival who thought she could get away with something so banal as framing her for a crime she didn’t commit). These boots will make an appearance. Why are you still looking at me? GET TO WORK.

[Photo: Jose Perez/INSTARimages.com]
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