Pause for a sec:  I have a beef with shoes whose top straps are only ever intended to cross three of your five toes. It ends up making the wearer’s feet look big, and while I have no problem with large feet, your feet look the best when they are displayed in the proportion that they naturally are. Right? Guys, I’m writing this on Thursday night and I’ve had wine. I don’t even know.

But the outfit is better, yes? Her muscle tone is unreal, the dress fits so much better than this mishmash of whaaaaat, and the blazer gives it the right touch of seriousness (and slightly hides, or mitigates, the fact that the top is cutting her across the boobs). Even the sunglasses are better on her face, although she backslid here with another unflattering pair:

Jessica Simpson shows off her cleavage as she leaves the Bowery Hotel

I always forget how buxom she is. I know dressing that is a unique challenge, but I have to say, I like this on her. I mean, the Gucci bow is silly, but the pretty pattern and relative modesty of the rest definitely kick open the door for some cleavage. Enjoy it, Jessica. Rock out what you’ve got. And sell the shoes.

[Photos: Backgrid]