I am not sure I’ve owned anything khaki since the late ’90s, when every pair of “nice” pants I owned were that color and purchased from The Gap. I’m not a big khaki person. It leaves my soul cold. But Naomie is making me rethink that stance… a little. This is quite a cute day dress on its surface. The details are fun. It’s relaxed, and it’s trying something. But then I’ll get sucked into a Twitter wormhole and come back and look at the photo and sigh heavily because khaki is not a color that brings me delight in any kind of formal setting. It’s a bit of a clammy shade of khaki, too, like wearing a cardboard box that isn’t feeling very well. So while Naomie is making me open to the possibilities, the fabric itself might be slamming the door back in my face. What do you think, Fug Nation? Are we a land of khaki?

[Photo: Getty]