The big news, which would be spoilers I guess if the showrunners weren’t all talking openly about them: Will & Grace got a second season before they’ve even DONE anything with season one and one of its big hooks is that Karen is a Trump supporter; the actors are saying lots of the right things about wanting the show to feel contemporary and, per Debra, going from dealing with LG to “finish[ing] the alphabet” of LBGTQi; my beloved Trial & Error will return with a new case but no John Lithgow which makes sense, although I badly want him to pop in for a Very Special Visit; Ron Cephas Jones will show up again on This Is Us at some point; and I guess the superstore on Superstore is going to blow up because they’re demolishing its soundstage? Sure. (WAIT, I’m told it already blew up, via a tornado. So I guess… maybe the next season will involve hot construction workers. I’m making this up now but I like it.)

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