I miss the Dodgers (for whom Cody Bellinger plays left field. Sometimes first base). I miss baseball. I miss basketball. I miss tennis. (Although apparently tennis is one of the few sports people can play safely right now.) I am sad we’re not getting the Olympics. I think it’s nuts that any major American sports team thinks they’re really going to be able to come back and play, given the mess we’re in here as a nation, without a ton of people getting needlessly sick. I also think colleges are delusional if they think kids are going to be playing football in a month — this does not seem like a great time to be rolling around on people, breathing into their faces! I’m glad the Washington NFL team is changing their name, and I’m curious as to what it will be. In short: I guess it’s time for GFY Sports Talk. What are you missing? How are you filling those holes? Are we ever gonna get to watch men run around in tight pants again?!?!?!!?