Fug Madness is a time when a reader’s fancies turn to Legends of the Fug, and we wonder wistfully what became of the once-greats. Bai Ling is one such person. (And I have no idea why she was at the premiere of Better Call Saul, apart from possibly being a super fan, but I hope it’s because she’s going to make a cameo.) This outfit isn’t even that crazy, but it’s the kind of velveteen 1993 cocktail dress you would see at mall stores whose signs are fluorescent and that feels Bai enough to me.

As does this, which was at Elton John’s Oscar party, and somehow we missed it:

25th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Academy Awards Viewing Party - Inside

It has a sparkly X over her crotch, but I can’t even care, because there is like a whole Easter egg roll happening on her chest.

And this was the other day, and it’s ALSO so right — Bai Ling as, say, a stripper with a heart of gold and a math mind of steel, so the Power Rangers hire her to run their affairs. In other words: Bai, at 50, is still pouring her soul into being Bai. It’s oddly moving.

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