You could also call this Hotpants vs Hotpants. But basically, despite a relatively opaque Met Gala, The Sheers are alive and well and still cursing us in their many forms. Let’s start with Dania — and in case you’re not sure who Dania is, she’s currently on Once Upon A Time.

I am really hoping this photo is an optical illusion, and that I am NOT actually seeing any of her right nipple. Otherwise, this is a really lazy garment, no? The shirt-coat halfway wraps, and just hangs there, seemingly unable to get that excited about itself.

It also couldn’t even be convinced to hide its own tag.

Sofia — aka the demon in Tom Cruise’s terrible The Mummy reboot — is wearing something that’s much more overtly sheer.

451 Fahrenheit Premiere

And so in a way, you’d think that would automatically make it MORE lazy than Dania’s. But at least this one fits pretty precisely. The top is quite beautiful, and though I wish the rest of the dress had matched its pace, at least it’s cut properly and has a great shape. Dania’s can’t even decide whether it’s a robe or a shirt or a dress. Sofia’s sheer knows what it is; Dania’s is having an identity crisis.

If we’re being honest, they both lose, but if you had to pick one: which?

[Photos: WENN]