For her girl-about-town outfits, Blake loves to wallpaper herself in head-to-toe runway look, like all those times she’d dash around in a heavy, layered Ralph Lauren or Michael Kors suit ensemble styled fairly identically from the catwalk version. Sergio Hudson’s monochrome wintry separates seem tailor-made for her aesthetic, so it’s not a surprise to see her in this. Unfortunately I think this would have looked better if she were not moving. The coat blowing open puts a lot of focus on that shirt, which is extremely awkward and frankly a little distracting. I assume it’s a bodysuit, but keeping that thing in place looks potentially fussy and annoying. This ensemble is A Look in and of itself; it didn’t need to amp up the difficulty level.

Blake is co-hosting Monday night’s Met Gala, which has two themes going on: The actual exhibit is “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,” which is Part II of September’s “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” but Anna has set a dress code that she’s calling “Gilded Glamour.” I can’t remember at time when attendees were given a specific code that didn’t just involve interpreting the exhibit’s theme, so who the heck knows what’ll happen — but after everyone was shocked as hell to see so few American designers represented in September, I would not be surprised if Blake deviated from Versace, Armani, and Gucci (her most common Met partnerships) and wore someone homegrown. And not for nothing, she’s worn a LOT of Sergio Hudson in just the last two months: a little black dress, a very little purple dress, a sexy purple jumpsuit situation, and the tangerine suit above, all of which stand out a bit more when you consider she only went to two other events in 2022 (The Adam Project’s premiere — in Versace — and Michael Kors’s show, unless I’m missing one). Hudson is a buzzy designer, to be sure, and would be a smart choice for an event host looking to contribute to the dialogue about American fashion from within; I guess we’ll know soon enough.

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[Photo: Robert Kamau, Getty Images]