We’ll get to the dress in a moment, but I need to tell someone what I’ve been thinking all night — namely, that with her hair like this, Sarah Paulson looks so much like Olivia de Havilland to me. When Ryan Murphy makesĀ Feud: Olivia de Havilland vs. Joan FontaineĀ (which will never happen, because Olivia will sue him again, that 1o1 year old badass), Catherine Zeta Jones may find herself re-cast.

Important matters aside, let’s talk about the dress! It is STRAIGHT off the runway, and we’d hoped to see it on Tilda Swinton, which…I kind of still want that to happen. My feeling is that Sarah Paulson is rocking this but it takes A LOT of women to wear it and not be worn by it and basically no one else should try.

The back is surprisingly sexy:

Paulson x Carolina #emmys

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Plus, I’ll happily take those earrings out for a spin THANK YOU.

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