There are times here during the summer in Los Angeles when I am going out in the evening and it’s VERY warm but the sun is going down and I think to myself, “self, will I be too hot in jeans? Or will I be too cold once it’s dark? Do I want to be warm? Do I risk being cold? What do I do?” (The temperature can really drop in Southern California at night, even when it’s really hot during the day.)  Usually, I would wear a dress and carry a light jacket but now Rita Ora has solved my problem: TWO-FACE BOTTOMS! One leg will be hot, one leg will be cold, and your entire lower body will even out to feel totally normal. Just don’t make me wear it with a tee shirt that got destroyed by a sentient, evil fax machine.

[Photo: Tom Dymond for UNICEF/SAP/Shutterstock]
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