First my brain went to Bette Midler in Big Business, but that wasn’t quite right; then it reminded me of the clumsy costuming of a soap in the ’80s trying to telegraph their innocent heroine. And then it hit: This has uncanny Princess Di vibes (Diana, in fact, herself being the star of arguably the most famous real-life ’80s soap opera). More modern, of course, and with a hint of Wham! — the purse is giving me big CHOOSE LIFE vibes from this video — and the sleek hair and giant shades of a Vogue editrix as portrayed in, like, Gossip Girl. (Is this enough of a cocktail of references?) But the root of it is a dated, dotted cut that would have been at home 35 years ago, and like…. listen, if Kristen Stewart can get cast as Diana, why not Lady Gaga? Let’s drop in Josh Groban as Prince Charles and take that Diana musical straight to the Razzies.

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