Chrissy has added short robes to her Cravings website, which I’d seen on her social media several days prior to this photo — which looks for all the world like she’s sporting the linen robe in white (sorry, “rice pudding”) as a wrap of sorts over a dress. As a marketing strategy, I get it, but I think she made a couple big mistakes: First, John’s odd shirt-sweater hybrid is brighter and more intersting to look at; second, John is wearing a strip of denim as the world’s most pointless scarf. It’s very hard to be attracted to your linen loungewear when I am so busy trying to understand his cuff situation, much less why he threw on what LOOKS like the waist tie from someone’s shirtdress. But linen is also an unforgiving fabric, and this is the most boring robe she offers. If you’re going to do it, DO IT. Go with the Night Flowers pattern, or the full fur-trimmed sleeve. Put the floral over a plain dress! Make the robe the star! And maybe tell John that unless that scarf is him sending a macabre signal to the rest of his denim — “Do not mess with me, else I shall destroy you and wear your remains as a badge of courage” — he should leave it in the scrap bin.

[Photo: Getty]