As we talked about earlier this week, some of these exhibit names have started to sound like college seminar papers an enterprising student might bullshit her way through, senior year.

While we’re here, I’m just going to stick all the people who were contractually forced to wear Louis Vuitton right down there, in case you care. Alicia Vikander looked great and the rest of them looked contractually obligated. If we ever get to have events again, I hope people stop tying themselves to one brand. IT’S SO BORING. (Although it’s also lucrative, but if we’re moving into a wholly barter economy, does that matter? How much toilet paper can you get for those LV boots, Jennifer Connolly??!!)

Whoo, guess Louis Vuitton is feeling the wrath of today’s Rage Pills. Sorry, LV — I love your vintage luggage.

PS: The quality on some of these pics — just a few! — is weirdly bad due to a technical error I made when I thought I was saving myself some time. I WAS NOT! I made way more work for myself!!! Anyway, I’m going to fix them, but if you happen to see one that looks shitty: I know, I’m sorting it, please don’t yell at me.