This Gucci combines several things I am predisposed to loving — deep greens, cute wavy bobs, Cate — and some that I am not: gigantic showy logos, clunky shoes. What to do? I know it’s crazy to look the gift horse of sparkly metallic footwear in its mouth, but the dress feels Lovely Afternoon Event and her feet look Elton John Oscar Party Where Someone Might Dance On A Table. Would a navy belt and shoe be better? Or even a brown shoe that plays off the belt that’s already there, if we have to keep the garish Gs. I am torn. This is an Unfug-or-Fab situation here and I’m having a bad hair week, so I’m going to turn this over to you and go sit on my hands so that I don’t make an appointment to cut off my curls. IT WON’T LOOK LIKE THIS, HEATHER. EVER.

[Photo: WENN]