Iggy Azalea dropped off the radar for a loooong time, for a whole variety of reasons that this profile touches on but doesn’t entirely delve into, but she’s been creeping back in action lately. The Iggy I remember from before all of that poured herself into Monistat-baiters and embraced the sheers and lace-up clothing. This Iggy┬ápicked a Fausto Puglisi ensemble that was sassy and fetching and perfect for the VMAs, and then… this. I would not have pegged Iggy Azalea for a plasticky Fendi set of separates that looks like it was soundly rejected by Hillary Clinton’s styling team. It’s frumpy and unflattering and just… bizarre. If you are running the chili cookoff at the County Fair, then okay, sure, it’s functional and no one will notice if it gets a stain. But on a 28-year old rapper, who is not at an event that serves messy food, it’s just vexing. But, Iggy 1.0 got into Twitter feuds and said a LOT of insensitive shit; if Iggy 2.0 has cleaned up that act but the tradeoff is Pantsuit Purgatory, well, that will have been a worthy trade.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]