Apologies for the headline being confusing. But Zendaya is the most interesting thing happening in fashion and Burberry is one of the most hideous things happening in fashion, and I didn’t want you to miss the intersection. The roundup up top includes Maggie G, Ruth Negga, Brandy, and Oscar Isaac, and Zendaya is right freaking here:


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It’s this outfit. I will allow that it’s not the worst thing from that runway show. And it is a HUGE favor to them to get Zendaya in anything, because as we know she can make sense of the nonsensical. But… I’m not sure for what she wore this; certainly not on a red carpet, which I have to think is because there is only so far this favor could extend. It’s still a ridiculous mess and she looks like she’s about to engage in some really wacko modern interpretive dance.

Gemma Chan’s promotional looks are all for her hotel room, now, because of their Covid exposure. Thank God for Instagram (and vaccines):

Be sure to swipe to the second slide for the full outfit, which is REALLY cool and great — Gemma looks fab and it’s a women-owned brand I didn’t know about (or, at least, it hasn’t stuck in my head yet, which is sadly not unusual these days). It’s such a shame we didn’t get to see this one out and about, although maybe it was only ever intended for the Letterman Dumpster or whatever anyway.

There’s also this:

I love that with the flat white shoes. The thick chain detail being the same color as the shoe itself makes it less garish to my eye. This whole look exudes cool.

This one, less so, from Tessa Thompson:


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I get the retro look, all the way until we get to her ankles, and suddenly she’s Annie in heels. It’s a very twee look that always drives me nuts, and stands in stark contrast to her Dries Van Noten here:


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Every bull within a 25-mile radius just felt a tremor in the force.

Here’s someone we haven’t seen in a while:


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Welcome back, kiddo! I probably can’t call you that anymore, except for how I’m ancient in spirit if not QUITE yet in years. This Elie Saab is GREAT on her. I might not be that mad about a spinoff show focusing on what became of Sally Draper, who I assume is estranged from both her parents. This plot twist also helps with the casting budget. Get on it, AMC.

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