So, I was in St. Louis for like 36 hours this weekend and because I’m a classy broad, when I was at the St. Louis airport I decided to read Star while I waited for my chopped salad at the Chilis To Go. And it had this whole story about how the Biebs is totally trying to get back on Selena’s jock and he’s sending her all these text messages that they allegedly have, including pictures of his boner which is THE LAST THING WE NEED TO SEE, BIEBS, and Selena’s alleged reaction to this pictures is, basically, “Ew ,what is wrong with you?” and “You need help,” and it says something about how much I dislike this outfit that I saw this photo and thought, “She really is having the worst week.”

But my personal feeling is that palazzo pant overalls are the LAST thing you need when your deeply regretted ex is sending you unsolicited pictures of his junk. Because they help nothing.

[Photo: Getty]