This has to stop. I’m sure Charlize is making mega-bucks from Dior, so it’s clearly worth it to her to show up at events wearing a funereal lingerie bag, but if they’re going to let her slink around in gold lamè in their perfume ads, they CANNOT then turn around and tell her she has to dress like a woman who realized her audition for Flashdance II: Flashdancier was happening in the middle of her pilates lesson.

They’re also just handing jokes to assholes like me. This is likewise:

a fruit bag from a depressed co-op

fishnets with delusions of grandeur

The Addams Family’s depressed screen door

the internal structure of another gown, now traumatized to have been exposed thusly

something something that time Tyra made the girls hang upside down in fishing nets in Thailand something something


[Photo: BabiradPicture/REX/Shutterstock]