Jason Wu was very much missed at the Met — I would have loved to see what he could create. Maybe the double bill of Fashion Week and the Met simply was too much for most designers to participate in both? It’s a great argument against moving it to September full-time (not that this argument is necessarily being made; I was just curious if Anna would decide it was the perfect emotional culmination to Fashion Week, especially since Marc Jacobs did not do a show). Anyway, this detail about the prints here is neat, from Vogue:

He hooked up with Cara Marie Piazza, a fabric artist who uses natural dyes, to develop prints, sometimes applying color with a sponge and other times using the fabric bundling technique. It was new to me, so I looked it up. In essence: You place real flowers on a piece of fabric, roll it up, and the flowers imprint themselves on the material. The effects are blurry and imprecise, made all the more so by the soft, washed fabrics he chose. Wu described them as impressionistic.

That is so neat. Logistics!

[Photos: Imaxtree]