It’s the 15th anniversary of Spring Awakening, a musical that I have never seen except for an excerpt performed in the execrable show where Ted Mosby took over Rosie Perez’s drama department — a show I have referenced, I think, more times than it actually aired. And to honor that, there was a concert, and some kind of documentary in which Lea Michele revealed that she let Jonathan Groff study her genitals to satisfy his anthropological curiosity. She says she showed him her “whole vagina,” in fact, and that makes me think of the divine Wing Chun/Tara Ariano from TWoP who always would point out that when people say “vagina” they really mean “vulva” because the vagina is the internal part. I hope, in this case, Lea did indeed mean her whole vagina, and that Jonathan took a pen light to the parade and REALLY peeked. If you’re going to learn, LEARN.

[Photos: AFF-USA, MediaPunch, Stephen Lovekin, Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock]