1) I have never thought that Renee Zellweger and Juliette Lewis look alike, but in this photo Renee does resemble her a little;

2) Juliette Lewis would totally have worn that outfit;

3) I would NEVER have imagined Renee in it, yet here we are. Or, there we were, because this was April 4, 2001.

In my mind’s eye, Renee is always in a sweetheart neckline, and often in shiny satin, usually just below the knee, almost certainly by Carolina Herrera. It’s an aesthetic she’s since abandoned — I don’t think she wore Herrera once during her awards run; I don’t know if that relationship soured, or if Renee moved on when Carolina retired, or what — but it’s still what I think of as Classic Renee, and so I was astonished to noodle around and discover that she’d whipped this out for the UK premiere of Bridget Jones’s Diary. It looks uncomfortable and hard to move in, especially because there is not a TON of room for error with the opaque patches. What if she walks and it rides up on her, and she doesn’t know until Hugh Grant hustles over and yanks it down again? Hugh Grant doesn’t seem like the type of person who would THINK to do that, which puts her in double peril, although I like to imagine Colin Firth would step in and help:

'Bridget Jones's Diary' film premiere, London, Britain - 04 Apr 2001

Look how happy Mark Darcy is to see his Bridget, just as she is. Hopefully he is telling her not to commit to this hug too wholly, lest THAT hike the dress up past the safe zone.

'Bridget Jones's Diary' film premiere, London, Britain - 04 Apr 2001

I would never deny you the whole trio. I ask you, did Hugh Grant ONLY own rumpled white shirts and casual suits for the first half of his career?

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