Felicity Jones is FEELING HERSELF LATELY and I am here for it. First, she maybe had a personal best at the BAFTA after-party, and here she looks totally crisp in this white coat and these very sassy (maybe sailor???) jeans and snakeskin heels. (Between her and Meghan, I’m coveting a winter white coat right now.) I do not know where this new joie de vivre has come from! The last time we saw her on a press tour, she was VERY low key and bland — sort of like Rooney Mara without the edge — but, while this is classic,  it’s also got some personality, and more than anything else, she’s selling it. I don’t know if she got a new stylist, or she’s starting sleeping 10 hours a night, or what’s going on, but keep it up.

This, also, is charming:

'This Morning' TV show, London, UK - 14 Feb 2019

It’s Stella McCartney and it WORKS.

[Photo: Beretta/Sims/REX/Shutterstock, S Meddle/ITV/REX/Shutterstock ]