I will note that I cannot see her left ring finger, so we cannot yet confirm the delightful rumor that Kiki and Jesse Plemons are betrothed.  (I’ve decided that they are, because I want it to be true. I love them as a couple.) I kind of like this look, although I wish there was a bit more there there as far as her skirt goes; as it is, it looks a wee bit as if she put a blazer on over her figure-skating costume.

HOWEVER. Here she is without the coat:

Chopard Presents The Garden Of Kalahari

Her necklaces are stunning. (They are, as you might guess from the step-and-repeat behind her in the first photo, Chopard.) Her (new?) cleavage is bountiful. Her face looks great. And her dress is a little bit Kirsten Will Be Skating Her Long Program to the Score From Marie Antoinette. I’m glad to see I can still trust my instincts on these things.