This season, Tom Ford showed his collection and you could then buy it IMMEDIATELY online and in stores, which, frankly, seems pretty smart to me. (If you play the runway footage on his website and click on any outfit, you can then be taken to a page to buy it without taking you away from the show.) I know people have been trying this out for a couple of seasons now, but it hasn’t totally taken off yet, and I think this is the splashiest version thereof — or certainly the one that people are actually talking about in a serious way and not as a “hmmm, we’ll see” unknown quantity. I’m sure getting the technical bits and bobs lined up was complicated — not to mention, getting all the buyers in question to agree to do something other than What’s Always Been Done, and how this will or will not work out is yet to be determined, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do a little fantasy shopping right now, right? Some of this it is fantastic.

[Photos: Tom Ford]

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