Not enough credit is given to Christian Siriano for his willingness to dress every and any body type. Some designers treat that as an alien concept; he never does. However you feel about diffusion lines in general, remember that Christian was one of the first to offer real fashion to Christina Hendricks — who should NEVER, by the way, have been seen as a challenge — and the front rows at his fashion shows constantly showcase a whole range of women in all different shapes. And not for nothing, Christian going after mass-appeal stuff like Payless and Lane Bryant seems really smart to me, in the vein of Michael Kors’ partnership with Macy’s. I don’t know the economics of it, particularly, but it burnishes his image as a Designer of the People who just wants to balance the sky-high couture price tags with affordable nice things that make the wearer feel good.

[Photos: Christian Siriano, Getty Images]