“I wonder what Dakota Fanning is doing with herself now,” I mused. “She hasn’t been in a movie in a while. She’s not even the most famous Dakota anymore, taking third place because Johnson and the apartment building. Maybe she’s retired from acting and is going to school to become a marine biologist because her lifelong dream is to chase the angry sea.” Well, I was wrong: She has a bunch of stuff coming out this year, including the Silvia Plath movie that Kirsten Dunst wrote and directed (which should make for a fruitful press junket). Luckily, the angry sea probably isn’t going anywhere.

Here, the sisters are off to the Miu Miu show and, you know, they look fine! Good! Intriguingly shod! Elle’s pants are so roomy of crotch that they seem like they started life out as a skirt, but things could be worse! Things could almost always be worse.

[Photo by David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock]