In which I got so distracted by Sandra Oh’s GIANT FLOWER that I almost didn’t notice that it looks as if Jodie Comer is merely wearing stockings and no shoes. (This is an optical illusion, however. She is definitely wearing shoes. Sorry to that guy who always used to try to post poetic-yet-pervy odes to stockings, I hope you’re living your best life over at some more specific website.) Honestly, although I cherish both of these women and want only for them to thrive, this feels a little bit like everyone has forgotten how to get dressed: Although I know it’s meant to be oversized, Sandra’s suit is definitely too big for her and makes her look a little goofy. Like I would not be totally surprised if water shoots out of that flower. And Jodie, next to her in Gucci, is subtly wearing fancy lingerie as a top. I might believe it if we found out later that they lost half their luggage and had to make do with a melange of items rustled up at the last minute. And yet: I’m very glad to be reunited with them.

[Photo: Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock]