Sharon was in France for something called the Paris Art and Movie Awards, which has been around for eight years, despite sounding like a thing someone made up just so they could fully expense a chance to meet Sharon Stone. And she certainly delivered — perhaps not the high bizarre glamour one might hope for from this particular lady, but at least some solid noted kookery. And hey, it’s Big Brother season now, so it’s only right to expect the unexpected.

Paris Art and Movie awards

And, psst, I actually love those glasses. I’ve seen them in a sunglasses version, but never as specs. Rock on with that, Sharon. She kind of looks like Sharon Stone as played by Gillian Anderson, actually, and WOW somebody needs to make that biopic RIGHT NOW. I want to be there when they cast the dude who plays her ex-husband — you know, Phil Bronstein, the one who got bitten by a komodo dragon. Jon Hamm is all wrong, but I want it to be him so that a) he’ll grow a mustache, because that might be entertaining, and b) I just think Jon Hamm getting gnawed on by a stunt dragon would be solid viewing.

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