Informative Caption tells us “glamorous film star Hedy Lamarr boards the deluxe all sleeper plane for Paris, France July 22. Miss Lamarr said that she planned to visit the Riviera, Brittany and the French capital during a two months vacation abroad.” WELL THAT’S JUST GREAT FOR HEDY. Good for you, Hedy. LIVE IT UP, LADY, in what has proven to be an actually timeless, classic summer look, from the plaid-and-leather bucket bag to the incredibly fashionable sandals. GOOD FOR YOU, Hedy, you with your “traveling” and your absolutely perfect skirt/blouse combo that anyone would wear today and look utterly chic. ENJOY IT!!!! You’ve earned it, what with your inventing Wifi to thwart the Nazis, and your deeply fascinating personal life.

With love,

Summer 2020.

[Photo: Getty]