Listen, I know Emma here was just out shopping, so whatever. Things happen. But I still have thoughts, and I’m in a sharing mood.

1) Robertson is a paparazzi haven. Everybody in L.A. knows this. It should be in the dictionary.

2) So if you are going to pop by the shops on that boulevard for a quick spending spree, you know you will be photographed, and thus you might want to wear real pants and/or legit bottoms.

3) Perhaps she considers those legit bottoms.

4) I generally define illegit bottoms as “declining to make private the details of one’s pockets, including that most secret of chambers.”

5) Clearly Emma is not familiar with Shenae Grimes.

6) To be sung: “Hot Pockets!”

7) I should send her a “Put the ‘NAY’ in Shenae” card.

8 ) Maybe she BOUGHT pants.

9) I don’t see a shopping bag, though, so that’s not a good sign.

10) Maybe she bought them and then immediately sent them to be tailored?

11) Let’s hope that’s it, because otherwise, she and Grimes are one old bearded dude in a duster away from being able to revive Oliver.

[Photo: WENN]

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