So, I am a person who keeps all the pertinent dates she needs for this job either on a stickie note on my (computer) desktop, or in my literal physical datebook (I use a literal actual datebook). The stickie note is for Kate and Meghan events, while major awards shows go in my datebook. This is so I don’t accidentally doublebook myself during the Oscars or whatever. ANYWAY, I did not realize this event was happening today and I was very concerned for my own record-keeping abilities, until I saw that Meghan’s Mirror says it was “embargoed for security reasons.”  That’s intriguing, AND STRESSFUL FOR ME in terms of my editorial calendar, but REGARDLESS, here we are in yet another bathrobe coat (it’s by Mackage, because Meghan is OBSESSED with Mackage), a tiny adorable purse (it’s by Charlotte Elizabeth, which is a Prince’s Trust brand, and it would fit right into that post I wrote about tiny adorable handled bags), and really REALLY good shoes (they’re Jimmy Choo, and I can’t find that specific color ANYWHERE, which the Meghan Fashion Twitter Brigade has theorized is because they’re not available for us peons yet, which is good because I want them and I do NOT need velvet heels). (NO! It turns out they’re these Prada ones, possibly, which we know from seeing them on Maggie Gyllenhaal’s feet.) (God, I guess while I’m ratting off credits, the skirt is [allegedly] Greta Constantine, which is a brand that’s been getting some love lately in general, and the sweater is by one Ms Posh Spice, who I hope is warming up her vocal cords for her big performance of 2 Become 1 at the wedding. The prince is by Spencer and Wales.)

They did a bunch of stuff today, including going to a pub (intentionally, not because they couldn’t take it anymore), and visiting an exhibit about the Titanic, which made it possible for every royal reporter on the beat to make a bunch of KING OF THE WORLD! jokes, as is only right and proper. Let’s eyeball it!

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