So, I am a person who keeps all the pertinent dates she needs for this job either on a stickie note on my (computer) desktop, or in my literal physical datebook (I use a literal actual datebook). The stickie note is for Kate and Meghan events, while major awards shows go in my datebook. This is so I don’t accidentally doublebook myself during the Oscars or whatever. ANYWAY, I did not realize this event was happening today and I was very concerned for my own record-keeping abilities, until I saw that¬†Meghan’s Mirror says it was “embargoed for security reasons.”¬† That’s intriguing, AND STRESSFUL FOR ME in terms of my editorial calendar, but REGARDLESS, here we are in yet another bathrobe coat (it’s by Mackage, because Meghan is OBSESSED with Mackage), a tiny adorable purse (it’s by Charlotte Elizabeth, which is a Prince’s Trust brand, and it would fit right into that post I wrote about tiny adorable handled bags), and really REALLY good shoes (they’re Jimmy Choo, and I can’t find that specific color ANYWHERE, which the Meghan Fashion Twitter Brigade has theorized is because they’re not available for us peons yet, which is good because I want them and I do NOT need velvet heels). (NO! It turns out they’re these Prada ones, possibly, which we know from seeing them on Maggie Gyllenhaal’s feet.) (God, I guess while I’m ratting off credits, the skirt is [allegedly] Greta Constantine, which is a brand that’s been getting some love lately in general, and the sweater is by one Ms Posh Spice, who I hope is warming up her vocal cords for her big performance of 2 Become 1 at the wedding. The prince is by Spencer and Wales.)

They did a bunch of stuff today, including going to a pub (intentionally, not because they couldn’t take it anymore), and visiting an exhibit about the Titanic, which made it possible for every royal reporter on the beat to make a bunch of KING OF THE WORLD! jokes, as is only right and proper. Let’s eyeball it!

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