We talked holiday movies in the previous post, and now we can turn to The Royal Tenenbaums (unless this is for some reason your holiday movie of choice, and you already brought it up). I have to be honest: I know everyone loves Wes Anderson movies, but I only remember a few things about most of the ones I’ve seen. I remember plenty of The Grand Budapest Hotel, probably because it’s so recent. But of Bottle Rocket, I recall only “ca-caw, ca-caw”; I remember “They’re OR scrubs” “O. R. they?” from Rushmore;¬†and from The Royal Tenenbaums I remember that Margot Tenenbaum and her brother were in love with each other, except she was adopted so it wasn’t technically incestuous, and that Ben Stiller and his kids wore matching tracksuits and had matching hair. That’s… kind of it? I definitely don’t remember enjoying the movies, so much as experiencing them. But I think these three are the most beloved of all Wes Anderson’s quirky movies, so I can’t decide if I need to try them again, or if he’s just not my jam and my brain has decided I don’t need to hold any of this information.

I will say one thing: For SURE the best thing Wes Anderson has done for me personally is make so many aggressively Wes Anderson-y movies that it generated one of my favorite SNL sketches, starring Ed Norton:

And in honor of SNL, talk amongst yourselves; I’ll give you a topic. Wes Anderson movies: Whee, or twee?

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