Happy Canada Day, Canadians, and happy birthday to all of Fug Nation! Today we are eleven years old — before you know it, the blog will be able to drive — and we are extremely grateful that we’re still kicking.  Getting to hang out here with you guys every day is quite sincerely awesome, and we hope we’ll be able to do it until such time as blogs cease to exist and we’re all just holograms beamed into your mind holes, or whatever the internet plans to evolve into over the next eleven years. Thank you all so much for being here — for the awards shows and the TV shows, the novels (actual and imaginary) and the royals and the random posts where we just talk about lipstick or sandwiches, in the WTFs and in the Well Playeds. We love you guys.

To celebrate, here are eleven of the most-read posts of the past eleven years. (It’s not the top eleven, full stop, because I filtered out gift guides, Best of Random Year X, Royals Round-Ups, and whatnot, just so you’d get some more evergreen things to peruse. Not that I’m not fond of random Royals Round-Ups and my last Downton recap, but you feel me. After eleven years, I’d hope you would feel me.)

1) Let’s start off with a bang:

Remember the time we ogled lots of Olympian abs? LONDON OLYMPICS YOU WERE MY EVERYTHING. (Sincerely. Wills and Kate and Harry AND THE OLYMPICS? Why don’t you toss in Harry Potter and we’ll just call it a day.)

2) Remember that time Matt Damon and Michael Douglas made a movie about Liberace and Rob Lowe taped all of his facial skin back to play a plastic surgeon?

That was really fun.

3) May I remind you of the time Wills and Kate got married?

We live-blogged it in the middle of the night, wearing caftans. It was fun. (We would have wore these masks except they’re terribly difficult to see out of and you need to see to type.)

4) Speaking of, remember when Prince William looked like this?

We took a long look back at his Pre-Wedding Self. The hair! The posed photos where he pretends to be writing a letter! The wetsuit shot! Wills!

5) And then, of course, there was Hot Neville:

We appreciate your blossoming, Hot Neville. So very much.

6) Fug Nation loves itself some retrospectives, too. Like this one we did of Anne Hathaway:

I don’t know what ANYONE was thinking with that outfit, but we don’t blame you, Anne. The early aughts were a weird time. (Those shoes, however, appear to be evergreen.)

7) We still miss Oscar de la Renta.

Writing the retrospective upon his death reminded me how truly great he was. Look how amazing he made Cameron Diaz look!

8) Coachella is ALWAYS popular, along with figure-skating, Halloween, and Miss Universe (Fug Nation appreciates a good costume). I think this year’s Coachella deep-dive might be the polar opposite of the OdlR retrospective, sartorially speaking:

9) Hey, remember that time Lindsay Lohan modeled a series of fur turbans as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz and Dick?

I know I PERSONALLY will never forget.

10) Nor will I forget the time she got advice from Sharon Stone:

11) Hey, y’all! Britney Spears got her own retrospective, too!

Yes, the Matching Denim Outfits were included. I’d never deprive of you that. Not ever. And especially not today. Thanks for being you, Fug Nation. I’d happily crack open a bottle of champagne for each of you, if we only could.