I have a story about Halle Berry and it is that, one summer day, I was at my local fancy supermarket and I was in the baking supplies aisle for some reason. A woman joined me and stood next to me to examine the cake mixes. I looked over at her, and, yes, it was Halle Berry, shopping for cake mix like a normal person who can’t really bake but wants to make an effort on a cake. Friends, she is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen in person (the other is Lucy Liu). She was wearing cut-off jean shorts and a plain, v-neck white tee. Her hair was in its quintessential pixie (I know it’s her hair and she can do whatever she wants but HALLE THAT PIXIE IS SO GOOD ON YOU AND YOUR FACE). I do not remember what I was wearing but I am pretty sure it was hot garbage.

And all of that is to say that I am sure anyone who saw this in person was probably transfixed, but because I’m looking at her through my laptop screen and not around the corners of a box of devil’s food, I can point out that I’m pretty sure she’s wearing a bridal shower game out in public.

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