Between this, and the look she wore at the Los Angeles premiere, you can really tell that Halle Bailey and her stylist are being VERY thoughtful and intentional about her wardrobe for this press push. That gown had a Glam Seashell vibe, and this one is Luxe Ocean Foam + Pearls, With a Hint of Fish Netting.

Disney Presents The Little Mermaid in Mexico City - Fan Event

Do I wish the lining had been handled differently? Of course — I, like Popeye, am what I am. But I don’t think that torpedos this in the least; it’s so pretty, and she’s pretty in it.

Javier, on the other hand, looks handsome because he is, and also somewhat like he just popped in to see how things were going on the way to get some fondue with Penelope or something. If Ariel is being thematic, can’t King Triton at the very LEAST show up with a trident?

[Photos by Hector Vivas/Getty Images for Disney]