I want to like this so badly. And for fifty percent of the way, I actually do.

That top is seriously cool, and at the premiere of a superhero movie, it’s definitely thematically apt — without being grossly on-the-nose — to wear something that looks like fancy deep-sea armor. In fact, I wish it had continued as it began, instead of changing for the skirty bits (man, I am so good with fashion terms). The effect is as if she’s being expelled from a body of water, which really only works if you’re looking to add the scene in Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail where we actually SEE the watery tart rise up in a farcical aquatic ceremony to lob Arthur the sword on which his supreme executive power is based.

All that said… you know what, even with the rippling mismatch of a skirt, I’m on board. She’s selling it like the store’s about to close, and I’m in the mood to buy.

[Photo: Getty]

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