Rock me Amadeus,  this is terrible:

Outfits like this are basically the entire reason this website exists. Because someone in the world will sniff of this, “you just don’t get it,” and I need somewhere to say, “oh, I GET IT. I just don’t LIKE IT.”

This dumb suit, with its too short arms, and those clonky shoes, and the no-makeup (which I get as a choice, but Zosia’s face needs some color and definition to compete with the INSANITY TAKING HOLD OF HER BODY) and the pattern that makes her look like she’s being SUCKED INTO SOME KIND OF WORMHOLE…I JUST CAN’T.  I CAN’T EVEN FINISH THAT SENTENCE. I CAN’T AND I WON’T. I feel like Elaine Benes: I DON’T LIKE THIS THING AND HERE’S WHAT I’M DOING WITH IT.