This one, I AM going to make you guess.

Let’s look at the evidence: Clearly the lady does not have an allergy to melodrama, and she also suffers from Winter Torso Syndrome, wherein her body must be cloaked in fur and yet her arms are completely at ease in the terrifying summer elements. Seriously, the last time this was practical, Wilma Flintstone was making dinosaur steaks for dinner — and yet, I feel like this outfit — NAY, this very pose — would be in a montage in Pretty Woman if they remade that today.

So, what fugger do you think this is? We will edit the post later to include the answer, but for now, watch, enjoy, and grab your wallets for the inevitable telethon for her terrible disease, which will be called At Our WTS End.

** SIGH, since I never click on the photos, I had no idea that you can do that and it tells you who it is. So, surprised busted. It is Nicole Scherzinger, walking around like she is J.Lo. Although I liked the Rosario Dawson guess, but fortunately (for her), Rosario Dawson does not seem this insane.

[Photo: Splash News]